To be sure, the Internet is drastically transforming today's economic structure as well as business practices. The problem facing every
business owner/manager now is no longer to incorporate information technology into daily operation and share resources via computer
networks, but rather how to embrace computer communications without ignoring their risks ---a two-edged sword that can do us both
good and evil. Commercially sensitive data could be leaked by a disgruntled employee; Internet access abused through viewing  
X-rated sites at workplace; bandwidth wasted due to video streaming; and productivity lost in instant messaging. Now more than ever,
without monitoring and regulating Internet and computer activities in an organization not only invites troubles but also leads to disasters.

Our flagship software, TupSight, is a gateway technology-empowered EIM product that realizes LAN structure/hardware-independent
web monitoring and control at the Internet doorsteps. It can also work in other operation modes such as promiscuous and bridge ones,
 and is equipped with an easy-to-use and reliable switchsniff add-on to suit the needs of "Tech Dummies."

The emergence of a networked computerized workplace finally fulfills the mission of information integration where the weaving together
of all the computers enables an organization to exploit fully the resources scattered all over the information technology environment.
TupEnterprise, the latest product developed by Tup Software Ltd., is intended to provide a topview for a business owner/executive who
is in need gaining real-time insight/control over every detailed activity on a PC host over the whole LAN. This is an essential step
forward in the process of evolving a business into an organic living entity, since it abolishes space and time, making everywhere here
and anytime now, for the executive (brain) to make day-to-day decisions based on the information fed by every PC host (neuron), with
direct and remote software and hardware management over the whole organization.

In TupSoft, we help you monitor, control, and secure inside out.
Tup Software Ltd.
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Powell, OH 43065
Tel: (614)-798-2057
Fax: (614)-798-2057
Lanying Tup (Big-Mother)
Chief Executive Officer
Tup Software Ltd.
Proudly being a woman business owner

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